Service Descriptions

Exterior Wash and Dry

Our exterior wash and dry is your basic wash. We will rinse your car to clean dust and pollen off. Then soap the car. Then we will rinse it once more. After that we will dry the car with our high quality microfiber clothes and chamois. At the end there will be no more dirt, dust or rain marks left on your car.

Interior Vacuuming

We will vacuum every aspect of your interior. Seats, dashboard, floor, console, and more. This will help get out all of the dirt and grime in your car. This will also make your car look a whole lot newer and presentable.


We will make sure that the dust in your car is completely gone. We will use our dusters, dust vacuums, and even Q-tips to make sure all the dust is gone.

Mat and Rug Cleaning

With this service we will take your mats and rugs out the car and completely clean them. The mats will be washed. the mats will then be scrubbed with our scuff remover. The mats will also be hard scrubbed to get off anything stuck to the mat. The rugs will be vacuumed and we will comb through them getting out any deep hair or dirt that the vacuum could not.

Tire and Rim Shine

Our tire and rim shine will have your tires looking clean and your rims looking as new as possible.

Door Jams

This will have that part of the door that touches the car when it closes, the part you cant see from the inside or out, nice and clean and shiny. 

Exterior Shine

Our exterior shine will make your car look very shiny and brand new. It removes the dust that's stuck on your car that gives it a dull "matte" look.

Window and Mirror Cleaning

Cleans rear view mirror, side view mirrors, and all windows. Windows will have NO streaks or watermarks making them have perfect visibility.

Exterior Trim Shine

Spray Wax

Our spray wax will put a ceramic coat on the exterior of your car (not including windows and mirrors) and make it look shinier, keep the paint protected from the sun, and will make it easier to clean in the future as dirt will stick to the wax instead or the car itself. This will also keep it cleaner, longer.

Chrome Polishing

Polishes all the chrome on the car inside and out.

Rain X

This a coating we will put on all your windows so water will just bead up and run off instead of making streaks down your window.

Interior Door Scuff Removal

This will make the bottom of the inside of your door look as good as possible. It removes any streaks from shoes or anything bumping into it. 

Leather Cleaning, Shining, and Conditioning

Car Scent

Makes your car have a neutral "good" smell.